Sweet Eats, in East Haven

February 7, 2013
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I’m always looking for things to do with the kids – mine are just around or at their teen years, and although they loved, loved, loved Kids City right up to the time they were around 10 years old (What? You have little ones and haven’t been to Kids’ City?  Go right now – awesome way to spend the day.http://www.kidcitymuseum.com/) – there just aren’t too many prepackaged options for kids their age that don’t cost an arm and a leg, don’t involve a mall, and don’t require me to bring my Kindle while I’m waiting for them to do their thing.  My oldest is into cupcakes, so on Saturday, we hoofed it up to Sugar Bakery, the east Haven bakery that won Cupcake Wars a while back.  It’s a little gem of a bakery that is decorated in Martha Stewart-esque colors, with a fun candy bar in front (complete with the world’s largest packaged – and for sale – gummy bear) and a line about a dozen folks long at 3 p.m. Good thing, too, as we needed the 5 minutes it took to get to the counter to figure out what we wanted.  Everything is clean, orderly, and beautifully presented and we ended up buying 6 cupcakes instead of 2 – just because they are so beautiful lined up with their pink, white and chocolate bouffant frostings.  We ended up with carrot cake, cannoli (one of the cupcakes that won Cupcake Wars – here is her recipe for those who have the time and inclination http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/chocolate-chip-cannoli-cupcake-recipe/index.html), wedding cake, red velvet cake, sea salt caramel (my favorite) and a retro Hostess cupcake. All wonderful and with frosting that, unlike other area bakeries, was not so sugary-sweet that you can feel the enamel peeling off your teeth as you bite into them – just perfectly balanced flavors and texture.  A great inspiration to a 14-year-old budding baker.