Get lost in 5 fun corn mazes this fall!

October 4, 2017
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While the fall season is marked with football games and pumpkin spice lattes, it is also a great opportunity to enjoy the mild weather outside before the colder weather creeps in.  What better way to enjoy the outdoors than with a journey into a corn maze!  They come in all shapes and sizes and hopefully, if you keep your wits about you, you can find your way out.  Better yet, grab your kids and a group of friends and keep the odds in the your favor.  I present to you some of the very best Corn Mazes in Connecticut.

Lyman Orchards in Middlefield is a staple for our family.  Not only do we burn off energy weaving our way through their 4 acres of corn, but we make a day of it and pick apples, pears and pumpkins afterwards. Lyman Orchards also donates $1 from each admission to the American Cancer Society.  In addition to the outdoor fun, be sure to stop in the Apple Barrel to bring home some of Connecticut Magazine’s “Best Pies” made from scratch in their bakery.

One of the coolest corn maze designs this year is at Bishop’s Orchards in Guilford.  They have partnered with Essex Steam Train & Riverboat to create their Steam Train Corn Maze.  Every admission to the corn maze gives you a $2.00 discount to Essex’s Santa Train this holiday season.  Like Lymans, Bishop’s offers several pick-your-owns and fresh baked pies in their farm market in addition to the added bonus of wine tasting and winery tours.

Wells Hollow Creamery in Shelton offers three different maze “experiences”.  You can bring the family during the day to walk through the maze and visit the farm animals or you can come on special evenings in early October for the family friendly flashlight maze during the evening hours.  Just be sure to check their website for the exact days of the evening maze so you do not get caught in the HAUNTED CORN MAZE!  Yes, that’s right, they offer a third experience for those look for something creepier.  After the maze, hit up their creamery to sweeten your evening.

Wells Hollow isn’t the only maze serving up ice cream this season.  Check out another family friendly maze at Plasko Farm in Trumbull.  Along with the usual twists and turns, their maze offers “NEW innovative & interactive game & mystery to be solved”.  In addition to the sweet treats made fresh daily on the farm, they also have a bakery and country store so you can bring some of the sweet memories home.

For those of you with well behaved and leashed 4-legged friends, head over to Castle Hill Farm in Newtown.  Their maze is a word scramble with a prize at the end for the lucky solvers.  Bring your flashlight for 3 special evenings as you scavenge in the dark.  You can find out more about the Castle Hill Farm and their select dates at

If a corn maze is not your thing and you are looking for something truly scary, check out the Legends of Fear at Fairview Tree Farm in Shelton.  They offer five attractions that are WAY too scary for me to talk about!  Visit their website at for more information and to pre-purchase tickets.

If you don’t hear from me next week, please come rescue me in one of these mazes!