Deep Cleaning New Haven Habitat for Humanity Homes

Belle Home Housecleaners performing a Deep Clean in New Haven, Connecticut
Belle Home Housecleaning perform a Deep Cleaning in New Haven, Connecticut.
Our Belle Home Housecleaning Deep Clean crew cleaning a New Haven Habitat for Humanity kitchen
Belle Home cleaners are careful to vacuum carpeting thoroughly during a Deep Clean.
Dust gets everywhere during construction – but it’s no match for our Deep Clean crew!

There’s a unique sense of satisfaction that comes from lending a hand to someone. Belle Home Housecleaning partners with several local and national charities and offering our Deep Cleaning Services free of charge to them.  One of the organizations we with is  Habitat for Humanity.  Belle Home Housecleaning offers our Deep Housecleaning services free of charge for the Habitat builds in the Greater New Haven area (New Haven, Hamden and Wallingford).

About Habitat for Humanity in New Haven

150 families have become homeowners through the Greater New Haven Habitat for Humanity program, as of the end of 2023. It’s a great program, building and rehabbing homes for low-income working families. The program allows these families to have security and stability in new, updated homes.  The program also helps revitalize the neighborhoods those homes are located in.  The families chosen for ownership of these homes are working, low-income families. They carry a 25 year 0% interest mortgage on the property. Habitat requires that they put 400 hours of their own labor into their own house build, and the build of another family. The homes are built using volunteer labor and donated building materials.

Belle Home Housecleaning’s Deep Cleanings

Our team of three Deep Clean Service Specialists from Belle Home descend on the property after construction is completed. One time we arrived a bit early – there were no front stairs yet! Our cleaners carry all equipment and supplies they need to perform the Deep Cleaning. They use microfiber and glass towels,  plant-based cleaners, plastic razors, HEPA vacuums, extension poles, mops –  and elbow grease. Our professional cleaning crew transforms a dusty house into a beautiful, fresh living space. We meticulously scrub down and thoroughly clean every nook and cranny to get the sawdust and sheetrock dust out.

What’s more, our Deep Cleaning crews always come back from Habitat cleans with smiles on their faces. They know they’re helping a new neighbor who previously couldn’t afford a home, start their new chapter in a clean house.  Contributing to our community with our cleaning labor holds immense significance for us. In short, we believe in laying the foundation for families to grow and thrive – and be safe and secure –  in a clean, fresh home.