3 Step Microwave Oven Cleaning

A microwave oven is an essential appliance and one that is used daily in most households, making meal prep easier and more efficient. But with daily use comes the inevitable splatters and spills that can lead to unwanted odors and bacteria buildup. Regularly cleaning your microwave is important for both hygiene and performance.

Below, we’ll walk you through an easy, eco-friendly three-step process to get your microwave oven looking and smelling fresh without the use of harsh chemicals.

Step 1: Preparation

First things first, gather your cleaning tools. You’ll need:

  • A sponge or microfiber cloth
  • Dish detergent (mild, like Dawn)
  • A microwave-safe cup (a coffee mug or measuring cup will do)
  • Lemon (optional for natural freshening)
  • Water
  • Protective gloves (optional but recommended)

Step 2: Cleaning the interior

Fill the microwave-safe cup with cold water. For a refreshing scent, add slices of lemon to the mixture. Place the cup inside and microwave it on high for 3 minutes. The steam will loosen any baked-on debris and eliminate odors. Leave the door closed for an additional 2-3 minutes after heating to maximize the effect.

Next, carefully remove the cup and wipe down the interior surfaces with your sponge or cloth.

Carefully remove the turntable plate and support, and wash them in warm soapy water. Rinse and dry them, and place carefully back into microwave.

Step 3: Cleaning the Exterior

The exterior and control panel of your microwave are equally important. Use a sudsy cloth (not too wet! you do not want to soak the elctronic panel) to gently wipe the surface and buff with a fresh dry cloth to avoid leaving streaks.

Maintenance Tips

To keep your microwave looking and smelling great, covering your food with a microwave-safe lid will reduce splatters. Never put food directly on the glass microwave plate. Put food to be warmed/cooked on a microwave safe plate then place on the turntable plate.


Cleaning your microwave can be simple, effective, and free from harsh chemicals. By following this step-by-step guide, you will ensure the longevity and efficiency of your appliance.

Remember these key points:

  • Avoid harsh chemicals: Stick to mild dish detergent and natural lemon to combat odors.
  • Gentle care: Use soft cloths or sponges to prevent scratches and damage to your microwave.
  • Be proactive: Take preventive measures to minimize messes and smells.