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Policies & Procedures

Breakage or damage in customer home

The best way to avoid breaking things is to use both hands when cleaning so that nothing slips.  Do not lean on tables, toilet tanks, wall fixtures, etc. Don’t put anything wet on a surface (wet spray bottle, glass, etc.) as it can leave water rings.  If something does get damaged or breaks, address the customer if they are home. Then take a picture of it and text it to the office (text to 860-385-6662) and call the office before leaving the clean.  If something is damaged or broken when you arrive (toilet or sink stopped up; broken Christmas ornament under the tree, etc.) please contact the office so that we can let the customer know that it was like that when we arrived.

Calling out (same day call out)

Please put in an Emergency Call Out request through Maid Central by 7 a.m. if you are not coming to work due to illness or emergency on a day you are scheduled to work.  Write a brief description of why you are putting in the Emergency Call Out.

Changes to Customer / Customer’s Job

If you note any changes to a Customer’s home or job – they get a new puppy; addition to home; they would like the shower head cleaned every cleaning; customer tells you not to dust guest bedroom, etc. – please contact the office (call/text office) and let us know so we can update the job. Let us know of any family changes in our customer’s lives, as you will see them and we may not – having a new baby, death in family, new pet, someone in family is very ill, etc. We typically send a card to the customer in those instances.


Take pics and text to customer care if it is excessive.


If you can do it in under 10 minutes, wash them and put them in the dish drying rack if there is one. Otherwise dry them with a kitchen towel, and leave, stacked, on the counter next to the sink.  If there is a sink full of dishes, take a picture and send it to the office and call the office.  We will contact the customer to see if they would like to add some time and an additional charge onto their job so that we can wash the dishes (sometimes customers will say just leave them in the sink and do not do them).

Lock Out

If you cannot get into a home to clean it, ring the bell, then check that the door is locked; check under mat; check mailbox if the mailbox is attached to the house. Then call the office so that we may try all contacts for the customer to attempt to find another way into the house for you.


In the summer, microfibers that are wet and in bags may tend to overheat and get  a little smelly.  If this happens  and you are working in or around Milford, you can drop the offending bag off at the office (if no one is in the office, drop off in the deck boxes in back of the office – code is 1939.)

No answer at office

If the office number goes to voicemail, it is most likely because we are already on the phone.  If you have an immediate need, text Theresa at 203-545-9728.

No Schedule

If you are available but not scheduled please call your manager, or the office, by 8 a.m. to confirm you are off the schedule and that there is not a program glitch.

Oven Cleaning

Do NOT run any oven self-clean or spray EZ OFF onto electrical connections, pilot light, fan, thermostats, switches, or heating elements. Remove the interior oven racks, remove any debris on the sides/bottom of oven (food particles, bread crumbs, burned food, etc. that are loose) and spray the cold oven with EZ OFF (avoiding the areas above). Clean the oven racks in the kitchen sink using all purpose cleaner and Magic Erasers. Leave the EZ OFF to sit in the oven for 2 hours and return to wipe it out.

Parking (paid) / Parking Lots

Park in driveway if the driveway is clear and there are no instructions to the contrary. Make sure to look at the street signs – there may be street sweeping or no parking on one side of a street or parking permit needed, etc.  Note that some parking lots/structures only take credit cards. If you must park in a lot, take a picture of the receipt/ticket and text to Jennifer to be reimbursed on your paycheck.

Parking Ticket

Please look where you are parking and make sure that you are not in a no parking zone.  Also – set your timer if you are paying for metered parking so that you do not go over the allotted parking time. Belle Home does not pay any tickets/fines related to your driving/parking.


If you are in a customer home and the dog/cat has had accidents on the floor, please call the office for instructions.  If any animal in a customer home is able to roam the house (not in basement or inside a bedroom or crate) and is aggressive, leave the house and call the office for instructions.

Refrigerator / Fridge Cleaning

Please use extra care when moving glass shelves in or out of refrigerators.  If you feel that you cannot remove a glass shelf, even after spraying it, removing bins from under it and pushing up (on long wide glass shelves that sit on top of bins) please call the office for instructions.

Sink or Toilet Stopped Up

If a sink or toilet is stopped up prior to cleaning, do not clean it. Let the office know.  If a sink or toilet or tub does not drain properly before, during or after cleaning, please let the office know. If you are cleaning a toilet and it starts to overflow, turn the water shut off valve clockwise to shut off the water supply to the toilet and use microfibers to mop up any spilled water to avoid having the water drain through the floor to the ceiling below. Notify the customer if they are in the house and call the office.

(Water shut off valve may be a round knob, or the type shown here).

Supplies / Supply Pickup

Pickup is Friday mornings BEFORE start of work day.  The office is open at 7:45 a.m. for you to switch out your supplies on Friday mornings. Please leave enough time for you to get to your first job of the day

Email prior to Thursday p.m. and let us know what you need and we will set it aside for you to pick up on Friday when you pick up your regular supplies.

Time Off

Please request Time Off at least 2 weeks in advance so that we may plan to cover your work during your absence.  Put in your request through Maid Central. This goes to your Manager, who will approve or deny the request and you will be notified through Maid Central. When planning vacations, it’s crucial to submit your request as far in advance as possible, because there is a limit to the number of staff members who can take time off on the same dates.  Our goal is to ensure all work is adequately covered, so early planning helps us manage this effectively.

Washer, Dryer, Dishwasher, Self-cleaning Ovens

Do not use them. Hoses can come loose, water can leak, etc.  Please do not turn them on. We also do not load or unload dishwashers.

Vacuum Issues

If your vacuum is acting up – dies, goes on and off intermittently, or the cord is hot to the touch, etc. – stop using the vacuum and ask the customer, if they are there, if you may use their vacuum for the remaining vacuuming in their home.  Call the office and let us know so we will pull a vacuum for use the following day or at the following cleaning.  If the vacuum stops suctioning, shut it off.  This is most likely something stuck in the hose.  Take the hose off of the vacuum and see if you can remove whatever is stuck (generally hair/fur) from either end.  If not, ask to use customer’s vacuum if they are there, and call the office so we can put aside a hose or get it to you if it is your first of two cleanings of the day.