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The Makings of Belle Home

When a need for a detailed, professional, friendly and consistent cleaning service couldn't be locally found, we started our own! Years later, we are committed to providing you with cheerful, efficient, personalized service. We continuously improve ourselves by researching and using the latest technological and cleaning innovations, raising the bar on our attention to the details, giving back to the communities we work in, and always looking for ways that we can give you a “Wow!” experience.

Karen Jaser, Founder of Belle Home

After my first daughter was born, I hired a cleaning lady from an ad in our local paper. She was a great cleaner at first.  But whenever her children had a school day off, or school vacation, or were sick, or had a field trip, or she was sick or had any kind of family issue – my house could not get cleaned.  Occasionally she would be there, cleaning away while her children were plopped on my couch, watching TV.  Since I had to provide the cleaning supplies, if I ran out of something, the cleaning couldn’t be done the way I wanted.  Then, after 5 months of cleaning for me, her husband got a promotion, and she gave up cleaning altogether and left me high and dry.

After my second daughter was born, I hired a franchise cleaning service. The price was steep, but I assumed the big price tag meant that I was going to get top-of-the-line, high quality housecleaning.  Instead, I found that the quality of the cleanings was inconsistent, half of the cleaners spoke no English, they skipped corners and baseboards altogether and cleaned around objects without moving them (which I discovered the first time I moved a table lamp after they’d cleaned and saw the tell-tale dust ring on the table.)  I asked the lead cleaner how many homes they had scheduled that day – she told me SIX! I had to wonder if house #6 got the same attention as house #1.  I’m not sure that I ever saw the same cleaning people twice.  Not one of the cleaners could greet me without looking at the work sheet for my name.  They couldn’t go beyond what was on their printed worksheet, even when I asked them to do something as simple as wiping down the fronts of two kitchen cabinets.  “Call the office,” they told me.  “That’s a special request.  We can probably do it next time.”  That lasted about three months, until the high price, inconsistency and impersonal service got to me.  Then I was back to cleaning my own house.

Having seen (and personally experienced) a need for a full-service, high-quality residential cleaning company, I founded Belle Home Housecleaning in 2005 to fill that niche and offer our clients:

  • Top-notch service and attention to detail;
  • Cleaners who know you, know your home, and know how you’d like your home cleaned;
  • Reliable, consistent service;
  • Cleaners who are polite, friendly, have common sense, an eye for detail and like their work;
  • Flexibility in scheduling and services;
  • Insured and bonded service staff who are real employees, not independent contractors;
  • Excellent customer service staff who respond quickly to your requests and who treat you as a valued part of the Belle Home community;
  • Eco-friendly products;
  • Fair and reasonable pricing.

That was in 2005, and with much-appreciated support from our customers, we’ve grown to over 400 customers and a staff of 30.

(And, yes, Belle Home does clean my house, too!)

Karen Larkin Jaser

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I am not too good or too proud to keep my place picked up and clean, but I am too doggone busy! Emily did a dandy job. The place sparkles. Thank you for being right there!

George W.