Recurring Cleaning Service

Professional recurring cleaning services for your Home, Kitchen and Bathrooms.

Belle Home has been in the housekeeping business since 2005, providing detailed, dependable CT scheduled cleaning services to households of all shapes and sizes. We spend the time to discuss your cleaning priorities with you, assign two trained, professional cleaners to you to ensure consistency for your scheduled maid service, and bring all of our own cleaning products and equipment with us – nothing for you to do but enjoy a clean, fresh home. It’s that easy. And we use eco-friendly products – better for you, your family and guests.

Throughout Your Home

  • Dust frames and knickknacks
  • Remove cobwebs
  • Dust lamps
  • Dust baseboards, window sills, window and door frames
  • Dust furniture (including table and chair legs), woodwork, and shelves
  • Vacuum and damp mop hard surface flooring
  • Vacuum under seat cushions and furniture
  • Clean under beds (if not used for storage)
  • Vacuum closet floors (if empty)
  • Empty wastebaskets and reline (if liners supplied)
  • Stairs and banisters vacuumed or hand-wiped
  • Remove smudges from walls, woodwork, doors
  • Wipe light switches and faceplates
  • Dust ceiling fan blades
  • Make beds

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Special Services

These services incur additional charges

  • Outdoor spaces
  • Blinds
  • Oven cleaning
  • Interior refrigerator/freezer cleaning
  • Interior Kitchen cabinet/drawer cleaning
  • Interior window cleaning
  • Interior/exterior window sill vacuuming/cleaning

We do not offer the following:

  • Taking dishes in or out of your dishwasher
  • Running your dishwasher/washer/dryer
  • Chandelier cleaning
  • Cleaning of human/animal waste or hoarding
  • Exterior window washing
  • Carpet cleaning